Friday, April 30, 2010

Wild hyacinth....
Oh, and in front of it is a leaf of the unknown plant...tomorrow I will remember to take a photo of its emerging leaves
I was very unhapy with the choice of annuals at the nursery...Tomorrow its out to Loews....or Menards
I'll bet even Wal mart has better.
I managed to get a few potted, boy, I'm not getting any younger...this was all easier last year.
I'm still looking for a place for to St.
Oh ha ha..a robin sat right on St. Francis' head and you know what.....and no camera in hand!
Oh the garden..never a dull moment....even had a mouse run past me today!!!!!!!!!!!
And did you know that robins eat wet (it rained a bit) dry cat food? Me neither
I know I know....the mouse did too
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  1. That was a decision we had to make too. How close to Saint Francis should we put the Budha in our garden.

    Each year gardening gets a little harder on the body! But, the aches and pain is worth it. I love gardening.


  2. Ha you did Budha and St. Farncis ha ha
    I'm not alone
    and boy am I aching

  3. nice adjustment!
    lovely post!


    2 poetry awards,
    2 friendship award...
    Happy Sunday!

  5. I think st f and b will enjoy each others company. I am aching too. Love your musings. I didn't know there were wild hyacinths. Cool!


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