Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The wild columbine... Little nodding heads of spring
I worked most of the afternoon getting ready for my Open Bar of Joy
So much to do...I was naughty in fall....put things away that weren't cleaned! Shame!
Tomorrow I will plant my easter lillies and tulips and I have some Ostrich ferns that need to go in
I hope they grow tall!
I found some Sweet woodruff clear across the yard..where I hadn't planted it along with some how does that happen!
Do you know that the beautiful pink rose that I rescued late fall has a bud on it already!!!!
Oh the wonders and joys of a garden
except for the weed pulling that I'll have to get to tomorrow too :(
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  1. Another one of my very favorites. I love seeing them in the wild! Columbine are the sweetest.

  2. wow,
    another delicious treat!

  3. Woodland violets, and now columbine...I cannot wait for mine to show their colors. I spent the day weeding and wattling again and loved the warm sun on my arms and face. I wish we were neighbors, I think we would be exchanging plants and chatting over the fence. LOL
    Have a great rest of the week

  4. Oh Dar betcha...we would
    and I could learn to wattle...where did you learn that

    I had a dear friend who lived on a couple of acres and had all kinds of animals..horses too
    She collected branches and sticks too and made things out of them
    Like trellises and birdhouses..she was an artist Today...more work in the I can belly up to the Open Bar of Joy and enjoy it while resting!

  5. Hello Suz,
    there's a lot to do in the garden,
    and that weed pulling seems endless !
    Beautiful violets !
    Have a great weekend,


    Happy Thursday, Suz!


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