Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You were on the discount table
Aconites, half price
Tiny corms hidden in brown mulch
in a plastic bag
You looked dead to the unknowing eye
but I knew the beauty held tight
in your brown body
I planted you
on the northeast side of the house
under the honeysuckle
Forgot about you hidden there
But on my daily walk of the garden
I filled with joy finding you
in the dappled shade
your full price blooms
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  1. Don't you just love those half-dead discounted plants! I find some of those are the best growers and do lots of nice stuff in the garden dirt!!!

    I am in Grass Valley for a few days. It is lovely with lots of green and color.

    Smiles to you

  2. April...do you mean are they blooming now? yes
    Dogwood....have a restful few days...wish I were heading for galena

  3. Wonderful, such a beautiful picture with that lovely colour and dappled light - and such beautiful words to match. :-)


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