Monday, April 26, 2010


I was 21 when we moved into our first home. When summer came I dug up a wee spot of soil and planted seeds called Cosmos.
They looked pretty on the package.
Other than four large rose bushes ( I knew nothing about roses..) there was nothing else in this backyard... a small city lot.
I then found another spot of soil near the neighbor's fence and threw in some giant sunflower seeds.
Well, call it beginners luck or God's gift ...the garden seeds sprouted and the Cosmos were the most beautiful stand of airy ferny flowers and the giant sunflowers were indeed as noted on the seed package..reaching over my neighbors 6ft. privacy fence!
A gardener was born.
Oh and the roses...I snipped them back and watered....whallah! I had Peace, Tropicana,Chrysler Imperial and an unknown yellow one...and they bloomed like they had an audience with the Queen! Beginners luck indeed.
My neighbors were in awe of this young fabulous gardener (hee hee) .... beginners luck
But in my mind to this day it is the very best gardening experience I ever had.....the thrill of gardening luck
When I was 23 my daughter was born in August...and 18 months later my son was born.....and the garden was forgotten.
But I still get awestruck remembering that first garden of Cosmos and Sunflowers and Roses......
I still plant them...but it will never be like the first time
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  1. Scratch up a spot, plant Cosmos. Scratch another spot, plant Sunflowers, cut back the roses of spring, and watch them bloom up a show just like your very first garden. Happy Day, oh Happy Day.

  2. maybe it was just the hope of being young Dar...maybe that's what I remember
    I'll get some Cosmos seeds this week...

  3. Cosmos has always been a favorite with me. Yes, i love the delicate presence of them. I must get some this year! They take a while to start, right? - like they want you to be so in anticipation of their coming.

  4. Yes April I think you are right...I better get them in tomorrow....I thought I was off this week....not so much!


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