Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh my poor irises....choked out by that nasty chocolate mint...I thought I does smell so good...but I hate it now..taking over everything....ANd I can't spend any real time in the garden yet...too many family days yet.......but soon..soon...anybody want any?

just kidding
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  1. I'm trying get rid of mint in my yard as well. I planted it like ten years ago, and pull up some of it every year since. But I think I should have left it since so much of what I have planted over the years is either not coming back or eaten by rabbits. Think my green thumb might have decided to turn black!

  2. I know. I wanted it too one time. A friend sent me some and yes, it sure took over. Amazingly, I did get rid of it and another mint I bought took it place. But I would like some Sue, and I will put it into a container only. Save me a sprig. I know that's all it takes! Now I still am fighting with buttercups! They are so pretty when they bloom that you think "oh you are so sweet", but they choke out other things too. The little devils!

  3. Maybe you are the one who gave me those sweet little flowers!!!!!!!!!

    When are you at the Center next week...I am actually off most of the week! I can bring them by

    Maggie's such luck will never die...but does smell good as I'm pulling it out

  4. I love all kinds of mints, I've got ginger, chocolate, orange, pineapple and banana. But I only ever keep in pots. Poor Irises, poor Suz.
    I miss you too.
    I can't seem to get blog reading. It actually is getting worse!
    Thanks for checking in and visiting me.
    Love always seeing your just right Suz words and your beaming face.


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