Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goldenseal and Solomon's Seal
Blogger has changed the way I can load photos..good grief....this was difficult....maybe this is a dream
Anyway....here's just a peek at what I saw this afternoon in the garden.....so much more..but this photo thing has got me crackers!


  1. Suz, Solomon Seal is one of my FAVORITE plants. They are a native plant here and we have many in our woods. I love their flowers how they ladder one end to the other of the leaves. So Cool that you have them in your garden. I think I need to transplant some closer to home.
    hope you're having a great week

  2. Oh I love them too...but boy are they spreading....even into the grass!
    My week...not as I planned..thought I'd be off from babysitting..but oh well..he's a doll..
    Do you have Lady Slippers in your woods..say no..I'd just die from envy

  3. Nice photos. Sorry you had so much trouble and it made you crackers. I know the feeling when our computers me up crack up like crackers. Eek....


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