Sunday, April 25, 2010

I first saw Joe Pye Weed at a garden walk. It stood over 7feet as mine does now. It dies back to the ground and you swear it will not return, but it does, only wider. This plant is smack in the middle of my yard and I love its commanding presence...its wildness.
When I was young we never went on a money, I think...but we always went to museums,zoos and my favorite..the woods...I loved the woods. I often ran ahead pretending to be alone on an adventure...and if my brothers and I found a creek....HEAVEN...we turned over rocks...looked for spiders.....and oh...turtles.
So I guess this is what I think of as heaven in my yard...a bit of an adventure everyday....and Joe pye Weed fits right in
I'm a wild garden wench
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  1. Those were the best times. You had it all! Just "being" with nature.

  2. Oh, sweet lady...I always love reading you blog posts. Never know what you will come up with next. You are the greatest.

    Have a great day.

  3. guess what..I never know either Dogwood!

  4. woods are full of wonders,
    your smiles are natural and beautiful,
    I love your smiles and nature.


    Happy Monday!

  6. Your Joe-Pye Weed is the most beautiful clump I have ever seen. I can see why you love it so.
    We have them at the woods edge going to the cabin but I have never seen one as lovely as yours. Did you start it from seed or a plant, or did it just 'show up'. I love it.
    Bless Your Week

  7. We bought two plants in is awesome
    ..good thing...cause I think it is here to stay


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