Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Everything is bursting open in the garden!
Oh the joy in my open bar of joy! bee
Stick your nose in the day
gather up the goodness!
It nutures you!Posted by Picasa


  1. Beautiful picture! I'll try to bee and bee some more today. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. You are so kind. Happy Easter!

  2. "Stick your nose in the day
    gather up the goodness!"

    Yes. . . :-)

  3. You are truly poetic...I love it.
    I also LOVE your rusty items.
    I have lots in my gardens too that
    still serve a purpose. :) Like my trike, so ancient yet holding up daylilies in summer.

  4. Great photo. Love the flower and bee.

    You are so good with words.

    Love your blog...

  5. still have your very own trike?
    Holding up daylillies...I can see it
    Your last line is very poetic

    Susannah...I was thinking of you when I wrote it!
    Grasshopper..yes bee!
    Dogwood...I love your sweet words
    they encourage me...

  6. Bee-autiful picture for Easter Day! And beautiful words!


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