Sunday, May 2, 2010

If you look real close you can see my first rose bud of the year. And it is especially wonderful because this poor helpless rose had been ripped out of the ground.. crudely I may be replaced with sod. This was in my daughter's neighborhood last fall..late fall. My daughter begged me to come over and go on a plant rescue with her....I am proud to tell you that 80% of what we dragged home from the killer woman's house has made it through the winter.
Ah my daughter...a chip off the old block!
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  1. Good for your daughter and good for mom backing her, Suz you are a very attractive lady and I am sorry for being so slow in commenting. Just kind of went into a little "feel sorry for me" type of thing yesterday and did not comment on anyones blog. I am trying to fight a cold because I don't want to be put off if they have a time slot for me. So today I will try to drink lot of water in the hopes it does not get any worse. Than you so much for your encouraging words. They mean a lot to me.

  2. I love, Love, LOVE that your daughter has your love of plants to the point of rescue. That is just so cool:). Another gardener at heart.
    I see your rose bud and the plant looks very healthy. It is showing you its rescued appreciation.

  3. Suz, you are so right, that is especially wonderful and life affirming. A plant rescue mission, I love it! Your daughter sounds as dear as you.

  4. I know you taught her well!


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