Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh my aching back

I had to dig up a photo of last year's garden to keep me going. My garden in springtime looks awful and bare. Who would believe it. Tomorrow, I will take a photo of what it looks like you can see what I ..U G L Y
I raked and pruned and raked somemore. Then bagged it all. I don't think I will be able to stand tomorrow.
This old garden wench is aching. Where's my tiger Balm?
I am happy to tell you that I have a mating pair of finches and cardinals and of course sparrows and doves!
And I saw a woodthrush in the bushes....oh I love nature and all it offers....even the mouse that ran in front of me this afternoon....he was so tiny and so scared......or I'll take your coat! Oh that was Peter Rabbit.....
I had a bumblebee stalking me for quite awhile...maybe he liked my perfume....and I had ladybugs and lots of big earthworms....
I am truly sore, but what a wonderful day I had.....I will sleep well tonight
Now if I can only remember to plant my morning glory seeds tomorrow!!!
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  1. Oh, dear you may ache all over but...your garden is going to be so beautiful!

    Now, you need to relax a little.


  2. Words of encouragement! You sure make me want to get out there (even though you are aching). It needs to be done and then how happy you are when it is. Mine's a mess, Sue. Keep talking!

  3. ...and oh yes - those morning glory seeds!


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