Saturday, April 17, 2010

At least the front beds are tidy ..vinca ,sweetwoodruff,tulips,daffodils,Korean Spice Viburnum,grape holly, honeysuckle,and rising tiger lillies,hostas and day lillies... So fine day is it today...a bit chilly, but the beauty of spring is in full force...and I am happy looking at it.
I am a steam stoked..ready for the engineer to say ALL ABOARD!...choo choo choo choo
soon will all settle down and I will get my hands dirty
I've always been a lover of
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  1. Tidy indeed. Is this your house and yard? Wow. Lovely.
    I wish I had some honeysuckle.
    I wish I was a steam engine too. I have so much to do and feeling really overwhelmed and lost.
    But will try to get aboard.
    I do love the dirt. I am starting seeds today.
    I know once I start I will get lost and feel happy.
    Thanks for the encouragment from your excitement.
    Choo choo!

  2. Bethany..this is going to be your best year yet!
    Why do I think need to do this on your are the little engine that could you know...
    Spread yourself all over that house..every inch make it yours...yours...Bethany's
    chug chug chug ;)

  3. yes this is the front of my house
    but the rear yard...oi!

  4. Looks beautiful!

    Yes, I love dirt and am always asked why I don't wear gloves when I come indoor with my hands caked in mud! - it is just that I don't have time, before I know it I am doing something - hands plunged into the soil or a bag of compost! :-)

    It has been a beautiful few days here, warm sunny and things growing that fast you can almost watch them grow! The magnolia tree by my front gate is coming into bloom and the lilac outside my window is showing its colour in the swelling buds.

    Aaah nature! - just wonderful!

  5. Ah and me gloves..
    and I have dozens of pairs
    and I go out just to pull a few weeds in a pair of shorts and wind up with scratched up legs from really weeding...
    Oh.. soul sisters!!

  6. Garden dirt is meant to be felt between our fingers and toes.,once the ground warms for my toes. There is something very personal about digging deep into Mother Earth. Crazy, huh? The only time you will see gloves on me is to throw firewood., safety first.
    Your yard, home, flower beds, all are so very wonderful. You are a lucky lady. Only a few buds coming so far, in my yard and today finally the daffodils have started to open. A bright spot in the day. I'm sure your back yard is just as lovely. You obviously are as creative outside as inside your heart.

  7. Yes, it is beautiful. Always is, Sue. You give it a lot of loving care. Well, you will be thrilled - Danielle was at the store with "Daddy" and she spotted those little tiny pots with seeds that you use at starters and so she had to have some to bring to Grandma's to start yesterday. This morning, we planted sunflowers and a Norway Spruce! Keep your fingers crossed that something happens.

  8. Tidy and neat for sure!What a lovely front garden!Soon we'll all be digging pulling and weeding and getting to the root of things!Have a wonderful day in your garden Suz!

  9. Beautiful home, beautiful yard and beautiful gardener!!! It's a lucky little patch of earth!!

  10. OK~I must be honest. I am jealous of your yard and brick house. Oh my! I really, really want to see it all in person! Keep the pictures coming.


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