Friday, April 9, 2010

I know I am not a traditional gardener liking rabbits in my garden
Sure they eat more than they should
but they bring me great joy finding them hiding in the flowerbed
hunkered down hoping I don't see them
I pretend I don't see them and move on

So much better than the poor rabbit in my daughter's neighbor's yard
that was attacked on Easter morning by the neighbor's dog
kids screaming and crying watching the killing

No bunny, there is no dog here
and the gardener looks the other way
even when you sneak on the deck and eat my expensive petunias
Life is joy and you bring me joy
so good morning
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  1. What a sweet rabbit ! I have the same feeling, Suz. A few years ago I planted eatable violets and the next morning the flowers were gone.
    I think they had a delicious breakfast !
    Nice weekend,

  2. I knew we were kindred souls! I shall try those violets

  3. I always get a chuckle too when I seen those little chewed off stems sticking straight up in the garden. Oh well. Yes, the bunny loved it. A little enjoyment for him. Love your bunny photo. That's something I haven't seen lately. Just a squirrel. And, oh Sue, that poor other bunny. Can't stand it.

  4. I'd like rabbits in my garden too. :-)

    I am glad you like the rabbits in your garden Suz, it says so much about you. x

  5. I'd prefer a bunny to the cats -- the cats bother the birds -- the bunny wouldn't! Alas, we have no bunnies in our garden -- actually, we don't have any in our neighborhood -- but we live IN the city with lots of concrete and not anywhere near a park.

  6. Oh Amy is not over it yet

    Susannah....I love all the animals...even Harry Hawk (so I lie)

    Martha....I do not like it when a kitty gets a bird...but it's not the kitty's fault...kitty's need to be kept inside or under the watchful eye of their owner...
    and feral cats..well, they have to eat and God made them that way...but I am a birdlover too..oh it's a dither of thinking isn't it
    and thank you for coming by..please come by again


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