Friday, January 29, 2010

They got me.
The magazine people.
I bought a garden magazine yesterday.
And all I could do was dream last night
about redoing a section of my garden.
See that stone bench in the background
I'm thinking of making a meditation spot there.
Collecting my stones and rocks
in one place
a quiet still place in the shade
Oh I am excited
about the garden
I don't see the dreariness
of it now
I'm off and planning
a good place to sit
Thanks magazine people

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  1. a meditation spot. sounds wonderful. sounds like a good magazine - what one?

  2. I love the meditation corner in our yard in Grass Valley. It is a sweet place to collect my thoughts and enjoy looking at our yard.

  3. Oh Yes1 I do remember your photo now!
    It is a good idea I think...a spot just for sitting and being

  4. I have a meditation garden and I spend much of my time dreaming and planning and healing in that section of my garden..You go girl!!
    Plant some lavender nearby so you can reach down and touch...mmmmm. hugs aNNa

  5. anna...hi! I do so love lavender...had it in pots out front..brought them in ..they died...
    I know they need a dry area...
    it's a balancing act in my yard..I love the smell of dill also..and marigolds...why do flowers with their smell heal us so?

  6. Hi Suz, I found your blog because I clicked on the movie Enchanted April in my profile and it showed me others who like the same movie...anyway...good poetry and nice blogs. Kathy from NJ

  7. Oh Kathy...Isn't that the best movie...I love the old lady (can't remember her name)
    I'm just an old romantic
    Have you seen Shirley Valentine?
    similar..but with a modern them both
    Oh I love You've got mail
    Please come by again


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