Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking for what binds

I brought this woodbine home from Galena.
Little did I know, along with it rode wild grapevine.
I've always loved ivy covered bricks.
Now this is not ivy by any stretch, but I have found that the birds are crazy about it.
But I'm not crazy about how it has grown to the roof and up the chimney.
This year I will have to go at it.
The worst of it is the grape.
But it must go, and fast.
Woodbine is pretty in the fall when its leaves turn a nice red.
I like red.
..a wench sort of color.
But it will all bind the garden soon in that area if I don't do some major pruning and pulling.
See, I'm already thinking about working in the garden
Getting my hands dirty
Starting over in that area

A garden
never the same
and for that I am

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  1. I love that plant in the fall when it has those amazing red, red, bright red leaves! Reminds me of my granny who lived in Palo Alto CA near Stanford in one of those great old homes. She had that plant. Oh my such sweet memories. She was a great lady.

  2. your granny...how very nice to remember her
    Is her great old home still there?
    I'll bet the woodbine is

  3. Yes, it is and it is still that magic place to me.

  4. I love vine-y things. Too bad they become a nuisance, huh?


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