Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looking for today's post

I really did do a post today..but I posted it on my other blog
by mistake. I tried to change it without rewriting it..but couldn't find a way to..any hints?
If you want to see my post about Looking for green
go to

If you don't want to bother I've posted a picture of desperation.
..Kid squirrel chewing on a cow bone..not just any bone..but part of the leg
I found this rather large bone in Iowa while on a walk at White Water canyon
Now I'll have you know..I feed this squirrel very well...or at least he steals very well...
but Monday I found him chewing on this bone that I had placed in the garden.

I do things like that ...tuck things in here and there...surprises for my garden guests...
I never did find out what the landscaper thought of this large bone in my yard...well the cops never I guess he either missed it or just thought "this ones loco"
It did give me a laugh to see him gnawing on that old thing
Right about now..I'm ready to gnaw on anything myself
deliberate eating stinks sometimes
I'll have to live with hunger....the garden bone is taken


  1. ah..i are somwhere cold too..overhere its snowing and snowing..and i m so done with it..i need some sun..i really do..:-)

  2. Hello Danielle,welcolme to my open bar of joy!

    Let the sun come from your being
    for it will surely warm you
    be filled with the joy of winter
    it has its purpose
    as do you
    on this winter morning

  3. Oh that "bone"! What stories it creates. Love the surprises you put out.


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