Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Looking

This morning it was in the teens again,but the sky was white like snow. Oh drear. Is that a word?

Bunny tracks in the snow, a dig spot, scrapped bark from a honeysuckle
Not much food around I guess.

It's pretty hard to find joy without any color....this garden wench needs color. But I make it a point of just taking a brief stroll around the property just to see. See what? See..just see.
The snow crunched under my feet as I walked to the back of the yard to find the mystery bush..see if the berries looked as joyous red in the bland color of this morning sky.
Well, low and behold, not a single berry was left. The snow below it was stained with berry remnants. They must have been hungry my little wards...and it's only January. All the seed heads have been plundered from the garden flowers. Not a single one left untouched.

Last year I had the landscapers "clean my yard" in the fall. When I got home that afternoon,I was horrified that they had removed every bit of everything. Whistle clean. My neighbors thought they did a good job. My heart sunk....what will they eat...where will they hide?
This fall I threatened them..only the front.....but even that was unwise. They cut down my shelter for the rabbits. I love the sight of rabbits on the glistening snow at night, especially under a full moon.
I could go on and show you other joy things I still on a gloomy white gray sky morning ..frozen water on my Hawthorns from a dripping gutter....but it's late and I have miles to go before I sleep.
Oh, guess who showed up again brazenly staring me down through my patio door....Nasty Harry Hawk!
I shooed him....but he'll be back
Maybe the Long earred owls (3 of them) will show up again in late January. They took care of him..
I know, I know....but I never saw what they ate.

:) Susan


  1. love all the visuals you have given here - and love your format! (poetry class coming up this week)

  2. thanks April

    My days are going to be with Finn four days a week until March...

  3. I love reading about all of the little critters in your yard. If those owls show up, please post lots of pics! You must have been so devastated by the work of those landscapers ...

  4. Goldenbird..I was devastated. But most of it grew back...but they wouldn't know what to pull or what to was tragic...
    Oh and never have them trim your trees in spring!
    oh the poor birds nests

  5. This spring you garden will be lovely and full of beautiful plants. Usually the plants love a good trimming and grow back ever better looking.

    Please send the owl over to our yard!

  6. As i read what you said about the owls,Cory..I glanced up to see Rockies picture...sure..send them over...sure


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