Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking for blue

I have many trees in my garden...some say too many.
But when I left my tree filled yard and moved to this new "subdivision" home, my heart was heavy with longing. I need trees. So I began to plant and plant. I have Tulip, Alder, Horsechestnut, Japanese Maple, White Pine, Oak, Mountain Ash, River Birch,and who knows what kind of volunteers I have let stay.

They are all protectors of my joyful soul. I love their branches,especially against a blue sky of winter. I need them reaching out pointing to color..look up they say with open arms. Look up indeed. I have learned to do this often in the garden, to be shaken with awe. 
Trees in winter display their forms. It is this time of year that I fall in love with them. Each so different than the other. Each a beauty.
In the morning I watch as the squirrels dance through their branches like acrobats. The trees provide a perch for the birds to flee to when Nasty Harry Hawk appears seeking to find them unprotected at or under a feeder.
Thank goodness there are trees.
There is a scurry of activity in the yard today. It must be that heart ache blue sky.
I need to go outside,if only to walk the perimeter of the needs me too. I will whisper to my trees that they are beautiful.


  1. Suz I am pleased to hear that you did what was
    in your heart. Planting how can we have too many. I am a tree hugger and I can see that you are too!I do agree the trees always show us their "open arms" one just has to look closly as you do to see!
    You are a kindred spirit and I am pleased to meet you.
    Wishing you much joy in the coming New Year surrounded by your energy trees!
    I shall be going in for some pruning myself on Jan 5th whisper the message to your trees so they can send me some healing energy through the Universe.Trees are good at giving posative energy! hugs to you and the trees aNNa

  2. Anna..I love that name..we are kindred spirits aren't we? Pruning removes disease and decay or simply enhances the beautiful form by removing cross branches....are we not the need of pruning...Be not afraid
    you shall be healed
    I will go to my favorite tree, on Jan 5..the White oak..with my Blue Full Moon water and whisper your name and leave a drop of water as my gift
    Do you know that I believe that trees are angels?
    ..I shall ask for positive healing energy to be lifted up to you....see a tree...see an angel
    Thanks for stopping by

  3. "Protectors of my joyful soul." That's a perfect description of a tree, Suz. I'm definitely going to be a faithful reader, being a lover of trees too.

  4. Today's reading from Marjolein Bastin's Nature's Sketchbook - "A garden is a good place to rest for a moment and think about all that's good in life." Beautiful angels, Sue.

  5. I don't know what to many tree lovers out there
    Yes rest...the garden in hot summer while sitting in the shade...nothing like it
    Welcome Jodi...I guess you might say I'm a blooming writer also!
    But I warn you Jodi...there's not latin class in my garden!

  6. I like your new gardening blog, Suz, and share your joyful love of trees. They feel so powerful and wise. I like how you went looking for red ... that cardinal is gorgeous. We don't have those here and I would sure like to see one.

  7. Hi Goldenbird...Oh they are gorgeous..even the dull female. They look like pure heavenly joy against the snow. Another tree lover!


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