Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking for why

A lone bird perched on the set buds of the Horsechestnut tree
The open bar of joy is closing for him for the night
but he sits and waits, or is he looking?
No song is heard
No other birds around
not even Harry Hawk
So what is his purpose is perching on that branch
this late in the evening?
Maybe to be there for me
I step outside to walk in the garden
make footprints in the snow
join theirs
The bird flies away
but I stay perched
Why do I wait?
What am I looking for?
Only the garden knows


  1. I wonder why he wasn't sleeping? Lovely poem. Your poetic mind is always working.

  2. Poem? that wasn't a poem
    maybe a bit poetic
    but I just like to line break for clearer more precise understanding (which is an important part of writing a poem I guess)
    But thanks April
    He wasn't sleeping he was observant..maybe I just didn't see the hawk! Poor bird may have been perched there for who knows how long!
    hawks are patient

  3. It's written like a poem, Sue. Lovely. Kind of reminds me of Jane A's poetry.

  4. Lovely words and beautiful picture.

  5. Only the Garden knows...this is just so lovely. I like very much the way you write your phrasing; it is poetic, but also clear and reminds me of the tranquility of your winter garden shots. Very nice.

  6. Thanks Jane A's? thank you again's a lonely picture isn't it? Some days in the garden are lonely..we miss the blooms

    Oh Jodi, only the garden does know..I can't explain it but, when I'm there it speaks to me in a knowing way
    thank you for you comments about my writing..
    I try to write what I see and feel
    I love your posts also...and your love of animals!


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