Saturday, January 9, 2010

Looking for simple beauty

Feeling a bit better today, I ventured briefly out into the yard. What is left of beauty to see I thought?
I do not clean up the garden in the fall, but rather leave it till mid spring,after the warblers and Thrushes and Thrashers have passed through having happily scratched over the dead leaf debris for bugs.
I learned the hard way not to let this job to landscapers. They are landscrapers.
I, being a garden wench, prefer the natural look of dried plants and grasses poking through the snow covered earth. Winter color.

But I also embrace the freely given element of light. It is what transforms the ordinary into heavenly...the spectacular,the holy.
Why, this little dried flower...stopped me in my tracks by its simply beauty. I could imagine it a lone tree in the midst of a desert.
The footprints in the snow could as well have been camel tracks across a dune.
The garden does this to me...allows my mind to drift like snow, to see shadow because of light.
My walk was brief..I am still suffering this nasty cold
but for a moment, I was in a desert in the middle of a snow filled garden. Ha!


  1. Suz~Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. Love the photo. Sweet little dried plant peeking out of the snow. Fun words. I like the way you let the word flow. Desert and snow....

    No we did not feel the earth quake.

    The sun is out for our drive back to San Francisco. We have had ten wonderful restful days in Grass Valley.

  2. Rest filled days....oh how wonderful
    We haven't seen our place of rest since October!
    boo hoo

  3. Sorry about your cold. Nasty time to get one (of course, there's no good time to have one). But it's so cold. Nice little walks in the morning though - good for you. Clears your mind and fresh air for your lungs (if you can breathe in 3 degrees!) Get better!

  4. Try this again. Hoping your cold is doing better, Suz! We've descended into the deep freeze here, but it's something we do regularly every winter. At least the days are already getting a bit longer...


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