Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking out my patio door

Lot of racket going on outside this morning.

Now this is drama of the good kind. Funny birds these starlings. Clowns of the yard. But they don't usually come in flocks like this until winter, when they clean out the feeder in nothing flat and scarf up anything I have left for the ground feeding wards. The slightest noise or movement and they're off....in unison. They actually have a squealing sound as they scurry around.
I left carrots and broccoli for the rabbit to eat and it was gone. I love to watch the rabbits stand on there hind legs as they look around before eating....There could be owls around or coyotes..
The only problem with Starlings being there, inspite of the show they put on, is that no other birds will come near. But I am a wench and I let it be...as it wants to be..except for Harry Hawk. Oh by the way, he sent his friend today...or should I say his big brother to pay me a call. I told you they are mobsters.

I had the wooden blinds pulled up this morning so I could watch the squirrels on the Tulip tree (they were fornicating, I am here to announce) well, anyway I was watching them play around the tree and all of a sudden they jumped like they had been electrocuted....and fled across the River Birch and over to the pines.....UH HAH!  Right in front of my eyes, on a very narrow branch landed a red tailed hawk...
Good grief....I shot to the window, but he saw me first and flew away,wings outstretched like something from hell.....and he was gone!  BIG  I mean BIG
But he didn't get my squirrels...not today


:) Suz


  1. Such drama right outside the window. How fun!

  2. Those red-tailed hawks are gigantic! I'm always amazed by their size when they spread their wings. I think starlings are beautiful, but I'm not so crazy about them because they try to drive away the woodpeckers that I love so they can use their nesting holes. I'm really enjoying your gardening blog, Suz.

  3. we wenches love fun
    with our whole beings

  4. Goldenbird...truly, I was dumb struck when I saw him..and so close to the house....didn't have my camera in hand though...darn

  5. Thank you for your visit and nice comments. I don't have squirrels here but lots of crows and they are just a kick in the pants to watch. They have gotten used to me feeding them scraps each morning and if I don't feed them at the right time they really raise cain.
    My daughter had lots of squirrels in Colorado.

  6. Jans Gourds....Oh I so miss crows and their antics....west nile took them out years ago..slow recovery :(
    After what I saw yesterday...there wil be more squirrels in the spring in my alder tree! yikes!
    Love your gourds by the way..what art

  7. Great photo of the wild-life in your yard. Love watching the birds. We had tons in our yard yesterday...

    The squirrel, the squirrel funny guy he is...

  8. ..tons,you say,Dogwood? must be this cold global warming

  9. Well, I love to watch the naughty squirrels and this picture is a "watercolor". Get busy. And your Tulip tree still has some of it's lovely leaves hanging on, huh? Love the shape of them.

  10. Oh, and the starlings. I love it when they come in flocks at certain times of the year. The end of Fall too, right? Rob always tsks at them, and me asking about them, because they shouldn't be here, he says. Not native.


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