Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking for sound

This year I left all the bells and chimes hanging in the trees. If I'm lucky enough to be outside when a strong enough breeze comes along to stir them, I get a joyful feeling inside that the garden still speaks in the dead of January.

I especially like my temple bells. I have many in various sizes. Some of them take a considerable wind to make them speak. But when they is a glorious time just before a summer storm...a heavenly downpour...when the air becomes charged and the birds engage in a furious zig zag flight in front of you fleeing for safe cover.
Sometimes I stay outside and watch as the wind kicks up and the tress start to sway and bend and the sky goes suddenly dark and menacing. Then all of the bells and chimes of the garden speak...Ting ting gong gong...clang clang

But not today. Today they are still.
But in their stillness potential is held
and that is enough
on this very cold January morning
about 67 days until spring
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  1. Oooo...temple bells. You need to share your catalogs.


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