Tuesday, January 26, 2010

River Birch Blues

Look how high you reach
 to the sky
as your peeling bark sheds

Shall I pick up a scrap
scrawl a message

"Send reinforcements
can't hold out much longer
the battle, too long
my strength, low
Send the robins!"
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  1. Oooo, I love those birch trees. Is their paper suitable for collage? Great photo! Were you laying in the snow?

  2. I'll bet you could use the bark in collage. If Miki uses hornets nest..why not birch bark? Good thinking Ill bring you some
    yes, I practically fell over getting that picture..and I got dizzy..but that's another topic

  3. Thanks, that made me laugh! I love birch trees. Using the peelings in a collage is such an interesting idea.

  4. Great! I am going right out right now to peel some paper from our birch trees for my art projects!

    Lovely photo.


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