Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking for Feathers

Goldfinches eating Alder seeds

I was so surprised to find out how many birds ( and squirrels!) eat from the Alder tree. It has a gigantic quantity of seed cones that hang from the trees like jewelry. I like the tree because it has a rather vertical form and  where I planted it it fits just right providing a nice dappled shade on the path into the garden. The other Alder tree was planted by my buddy ,Kid Squirrel, I'm certain. Any way, now that I know how much of a food source it is in winter...hooray!
But there's always a but, isnt there? With all the food sources in my yard, I might as well have a blazing garish blinking sign that says
Now don't try to tell me that they have to eat too...fooey
I love my little wards.....and this morning....I was too late....and Harry Hawk got one of them.
I swore very loudly this Sunday morning as I saw him holding something down on the dead Pine tree branch. Oh I know what that means. I once watched him pluck a precious mourning dove to bare flesh then eat it head first...finishing with a flick of his head as down his throat went the little feet. Yes, this is nasty...that's why I call him Nasty Harry...he earned it.
Now My husband says it is my planted all that food out there for the's a restaurant...and Harry thanks you.

Not quite my open bar of joy this morning. But he is beautiful. And does have to eat, and God made him that way.
Why do I feel like I drove the getaway car?


  1. Fabulous photos again, Suz, and such a great post. You're right that Harry has to eat and he is beautiful. We don't seem to have problems with hawks here but we're surrounded by woodlands and fields so the Harrys and the Freds (falcons) don't lack for food. Maybe our crow friends (we have several regulars) keep them at bay, because they're quite large and territorial.

  2. Oh my, what a story - details and all, thank you. Beautiful photos, Sue. Love hearing about the activity in your garden. Glad you started this blog!

  3. Oh, and the Alder tree! I couldn't remember what we had out in front and that's it! I don't have the activity that you do though.

  4. Fred? Fred Falcon? Sounds like a mobster. Crows..we haven't had crows in years ..ever since ..that disease ? got them. I love the crows..they are so family oriented..unlike Harry who is a lone killer...
    I think there is something to my yard being an open neighbors all have grass.
    happy to have you visit again Jodi I knew you might read this and squirm a bit..but think of me and my dilema!
    Tomorrow he better be gone gone gone...I only want paying customers in my open bar of joy!
    You have an Alder?

  5. Oh, Suz! I know it was suffering to watch Harry killing one of your darlings. You could try and look at it as a sign of the success of your garden in harboring wildlife in general (and kudos to you!)... but I know that wouldn't comfort me much on the loss of one of my songbirds :(

    You didn't drive the getaway car, though. You just participated in the cycle of life. As you said, God made him that way -- although I confess I've wondered why it has to be an eat-and-be-eaten world design.

  6. happy you stopped by..please come by again
    You ask some good questions Didn't Frost write about that in a poem called Design...
    I started gardening in earnest for the birds...then along came the others....
    No garden club would have me...I'm like Golden Hawn with a garden hose...
    Cycle of life...hmmm...I am a believer in that..circles and all...nah..I still feel like I drove the get away car...

  7. Just found your second blog. Oh, my are going to be busy writing more of those fun blogs for us with humor and insight and lots more. Love the phots. Wow, that hawk is something else.

  8. I just discovered your wonderful blog at Bloom and look forward to many more visits. I too am a garden wench and have such dread when winter shows her white face. I do look forward to the change in seasons but miss my time in the sunshine and playing in my garden. I belong to an online garden club too named Daves Garden. You would love it there. There are many different forums and fun sites to prowse. I do alot of strawbale gardening and would be happy to show you some pics if you would like to see them but you can also find them at Daves.
    Love your most recent story and yes it is so sad to see the some must perish so others might live. But I guess thats all part of Gods great plan. Hum?
    Have a nice day and please stop by and visit my blog if you like.

  9. Say it's so Jan...another wench! garden wench..of course...thanksI will visit your blog..I hope I can find Daves Garden through your blog..sounds interesting...would you believe that nast Harry was back at dawn! He tried to stare me down! I chased him..but he'll be back...Oh that's Arnold..maybe i better rethink his name

  10. Oh's my open bar of joy....
    Follow me..I'll get you in..bring Rockie


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