Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Staffford is so happy to be back outside in the garden

the amsonia is less this year
but if I close my eyes I can remember
my old neighbor's garden filled with them
as high as 4ft
and I remember her

Seeing a heavenly blue morning glory
is one of my life's joys
they are being batted about by all this rain
see the little fly on the petal?
he too brought me a smile

Have I told you that I love amphibians?
I was always hunting frogs when I was a skip of a girl
I found this one at a garden center years ago
and had to have him

Peonies....what can one say...
but don't they seem to bloom right before a storm
or high winds!?!?!

This buddha
sits over a poorly draining area

Goldfinches are everywhere in my garden
for which I say thank you
they bare happy thoughts on their wings for the sorrowful gardener
angels in disguise


  1. hope the goldfinch don't find you sorrowful
    and that you still feel a bit like
    a skip of a girl
    in that well nourished garden
    of yours:)
    (yes, peony blooms do seem to wait for
    a good storm)
    happy hydrating to all your growing things!

  2. :D My husband was just leaving and stuck his head back in the door to tell me there was a little frog on the sidewalk... :D My flowerbed resident was out for a stroll. :) I love this post. I only have a few Goldfinches this year...:/ In years past I've had scads---I miss their chatter.

  3. You and I are a pair. I love the froggies. Morning glories have made my heart skip a beat, although, little flies don't make me smile. :) Have yours bloomed so soon? My mom grew peonies and I love them so. But their heavy soft heads do droop in the dirt after a heavy rain, don't they? Guess what? My daughter will carry peonies in her bouquet in a couple of weeks. The rest of us will have hydrangeas! Friend, unmet, we are fragile flowers all, are we not? Take care of you and yours, dear one.

    1. I will I will and yes we are......I'm bawling

  4. I love the garden right after a rain. It is all so fresh and pretty. Love the rain drops on the petals. I've seen quite a few gold finches around here too. Such pretty happy little things.

  5. When will the rain stop? I am planning to work outside tomorrow, if the weather gods can be prevailed upon to send me a dry day.

    I must go and see if there is anything as pretty in my garden as there is in yours.

  6. You must be in heaven with your garden blooming. It looks so cool and refreshing covered in rain drops-- it's really hot and dry here. The blue morning glory is gorgeous.

    I've been wanting to tell you that right after I left a comment on your post about the grosbeak I saw one at my bird feeder for the very first time. It was so weird (and cool).

  7. Hi Stafford! Love frogs too, just like you. And wow, those peonies - mine have been big buds, but just starting to open (in time for today's rain).


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