Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's chilly this morning
so I busied myself filling the feeders
pulling a few weeds
...though NOT deadly nightshade
I think that is what is giving me a rash on my hands
despite the fact that I wear gloves
I may have to find superman kind
...cause I'm not giving up weeding
And to think I let that darn plant go
because some critters can actually eat the berries
It's battle time around here
But the Cedar waxwings have arrived in force
waiting for every serviceberry to ripen
...get in line
the Robins were here first


that's Happy Jack....looking for a place to dig up

a few columbine are still blooming

Me and Boo (my kitty)
love to watch the doves
strut across the deck
I was hoping to remove the deck this year and do a patio
but window replacrment in Galena put that on the back burner
There's always next year....guess I'll have to clean and stain it one more year
I just had my breakfast on the deck and threw a few of my blueberries to Mr. Robin
who was waiting a few feet away....
knows I am easy

"What a happy woman I am living in a garden, with books,babies,birds and flowers,
and plenty of leisure to enjoy them....
Sometimes I feel as if I were blest above all my fellows
 in being able to find
my happiness so easily."
-Elizabeth von Amin


  1. How I LOVE your garden, Suz...now I have some serious envy going on, not only 'art' envy BUT also---I've tried getting the Serviceberry to grow in my yard, several times, but no luck---YEt. :)

  2. Love your first pic. You have a lot of fun in your garden. A little something for everyone...including the birds:) I don't know what it is....but it's the same here in the winter with the Robins. They're usually here first with the Cedar Waxwings following. It's not uncommon to find them sharing airspace drunk off of berries. If I didn't know better, I would think that they have an addiction problem:) They love their berries and date palms.

  3. Beautiful photos of your garden Suz, so many things to focus on out there. Loved them all.


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