Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rainy Day tour

Rain, rain, go away
come again some hot summer day
Little Suzie wants to play
in the dirt
 not mud

Oh dear....this morning when I opened the shutters
the birds and squirrels were waiting
for their food hand out
stew bums...all of them

I waited until the rain let up a bit
and put out some seed
and scattered dried bread for the robins
.....but there must have been scads of worms for them
but it is my routine
dry bread everyday...even if it is a slice or two
They all love it....

My camera was getting a bit wet
so I hurriedly shot some pictures of my garden
in the garden club will have me
I garden for the critters and winged things
and bumpy toads and whatever graces my Open Bar Of Joy
OPEN....that is the word I like the makes JOY work

O love the rue...its delicate dangling fringe 

and false Solomon seal...or starry Solomon
love its texture in the shade garden 

Wonderful Squirrel I found in a shop in Galena
...oh boy, did I get kidded about that one
from he who does not garden

I have a love affair with marigolds
they say Grandpa to me
I visit with him every time I break off a bit of leaf or petal
he's in the scent of it

Ah this spinning copper woman
she twirls in the wind

All winter I craved "green"
so barren is the winter landscape
...and boy did I get it this year
with all this rain and cool weather

I told you I liked frogs
and gongs

Oh this is my clinging clanging collection of coliginous junk
He hates it....but my magpie heart
well, it sings every time I walk under the arbor

just a peek at my side yard
that this year will be blessed by wild balloon flowers
can't think of their real name...its early
They bloom every other year
so pretty in the waning days of summer
But heck, this year everything is blooming early
so who knows when I'll so all that glorious
periwinkle color

don't you just love texture?
Happy Mother's day to you mothers out there
and that includes you Stafford
hee hee



  1. Nice work!!! Looks so clean and orderly.....beautiful!!! It's surprising how fast everything turns green. Hope you're having a good weekend. Chris

  2. Suz, Your gardens are dreamy...I'm daydreaming about the ideas you've given me. What a gorgeous bed of Sweet Woodruff in pic #6. Mine is struggling. You have created quite the beauty of a micro-climate there...lovely.

  3. Oh, another thing we share, the love of Frogs and things that ping in the wind.

    1. yea...bless all of us toad and frog lovers!
      I laughed when I saw you posted about critters too!
      see...we would be good neighbors

  4. "no garden club would have me".....chuckling
    with the whole picture that conjures:):):)
    yeah, I really, really like that.
    I'm no garden clubber either,
    preferring the open and messy and expressive
    to neat little posies in a row.
    Oh that thought makes me happy today.
    thanks for the rainy day perspective.

    1. ha ha you made my day...should we get that printed on tee ones, of course
      I"m proud to say that no garden club will have me

      open messy and expressive...yep that be us

  5. Your garden is beautiful. I can see why you like wandering around there. The robin looks right at home there among the daisies.

  6. nothing I love more than a garden tour! thanks for having me, it is lovely!


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