Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let evening come

Thank you for the light
 that passes quietly ....
And for the garden that calls me
 to witness it
checkering through choke berries
 and river birch

                                                       falling onto azaleas and fern

making silhouettes on the fence
that wave in the breeze

gliding along the Siberian irises
 and lilies

whispering to oak leaf  hydrangeas
Let evening come

It is that switching hour
that spirit rides on light beams
and I feel his presence
oh so close
and I long for it to last
and last

But day moves into night
like a quiet prayer

 I thank you for this gift
 of another day
 in my garden
and bless my HappyJack
who knows not who
 he brings joy to


  1. I know I say this all the time, but I just love hearing about your connection to your garden and nature. Twilight is my favorite time of day. Love those shadowy photos.

    1. always...a thank you.....nice to know that someone gets it about the light at twilight.....so wonderful to stand in and watch

  2. so needed to stand in the cool quiet
    with you
    and just let this wash over me.
    deeeeeep glad sigh:)
    thank you,

  3. Nice blog and fotos, best regard from Belgium, here too much rain for lente,


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