Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today is supposed to be in the high 90's
so I was out early to water
and fill the feeders and birdbaths
How I love my sanctuary
my wards
each and every bloom
They surround me in comfort
even when I don't know I need comforting
The garden is God's arms around me
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  1. Your gardens are so inviting...

  2. Your gardens are lovely, there really is nothing like the serenity found in one, is there?

  3. It's amazing the transformation between winter and summer. They look so different from one another. I love the shade you have all around your area. Beautiful!

    1. oh boy don't they....why I rather hate winter....barren earth and gloom in the sky most days
      structure in the garden helps and winter dry grass....but give me sun and green and flowers
      Oh and shade....I love a hot day in the shade.....took me a long time to cultivate that....from an empty builders lot

  4. Everywhere you look - it's picture-perfect, Sue.

  5. I could almost smell the good dirt in these photos, Suz. Thanks for letting me walk around your beautiful gardens.


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