Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beggar at my window

I love how squirrels pull their paws in when they are thinking
ever notice that?
This one for sure is sending me glares
and thoughts of his needs this cold and new -snow morning
I had to shovel my way out to put seed in the feeders for the birds
and for them, my pesky squirrels, who think I owe them
But the joy they bring me with their antics are worth it
I now have a new stray kitty that has been coming around for a bite
to eat .....Boo thinks it's wonderful his new friends at the door
and if my friend Mary hadn't rescued Boo..he'd be a feral cat
looking for food and shelter everyday himself
and living a horrible life full of dangers...
So thank you Mary for Boo
you saved a good one!

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  1. I am like you kitty-cat. I love watching those funny squirrels.

  2. I adore your boo! We have moonstar, she is far our superior in all ways, but never acts like it!!!! We are so lucky she chose us and came into our lives one day. Have a blessed week.

  3. A very handsome Boo~~
    Snow, snow everywhere~~~
    Squirrels thinking, lol~~~

  4. what Dar..you say that like you don't believe they can think...and of course they can!
    Wonderous Place...you have a Moonstar..how beautiful a name is that..a girl kitty?

  5. Not much gardening this time of year, is there?
    I spend hours scuttling in and out feeding the birds.

    Please, please, do allow the stray kitty to come in when it's really cold out, if it will come.
    I can't bear the thought of any cats or dogs roaming wild, hungry and cold.

    A very happy Christmas to you, dear Suz.


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