Friday, December 10, 2010

Was that a robin?

Oh my goodness,yesterday on my way out I thought I heard the chirp of a robin.
I've heard that some do winter over here in Illinois...but I think that is very rare.
I presume the one I heard was just a lazy, silly, procrastinating, daffy bird.
Our winters can be very brutal with frigid weather..and the snow can be deep,heavy and everlasting.
So I think most, if not all songbirds hightail it to warmer climates.
Yes, it was a robin. I spotted him on top of the hawthorn trees...munching away on those glorious cheery berries.
I hope he gets going soon.
But I have to confess that hearing his chirp made my heartbeat bounce.
In spring it is what I wait for...the song of the robins. This one was not singing, only chirping..that short sharp chirp. I think it is an announcing danger.
Lucky for this fellow the mountain ash berries have not all been harvested. They are covered in snow a bit, he'll have to work for his supper. But I am happy that I planted so many food sources for birds. Berries everywhere. Most are gone now, but I can see a few dried up ones here and there.
It is my wish that he move on.
Like a good mother who's heart is breaking to see them leave, I whisper....go child bird....go
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  1. Maybe he stuck around just to say thank you for all the food and love you provide in the garden. In the spring I listen for the sound of the red-winged blackbirds, love the sound of their call.

  2. Oh we have them too in the spring...they nest in the reeds at the pond nearby....sometimes a straggler at the feeder...the red on their wings is so pretty..there is a yellow winged blackbird in Illinois..but I have never seen one
    I just read that robins do winter here occasionally...if there is food...but what if it runs out...they can't fly below zero can they? I must learn more about my precious robins

  3. My heart skips a beat when I hear the first Robin chirping in Spring!I too would worry for the Robin still there in the snow!! Little bird fly away to your warm home! Follow me..I'm off to Arizona!!

  4. Naturegirl...oh the sweet heart song of the robin in spring...
    I told my friend tonight about the robin and she was certain it wouldn't make through this winter..oh my...maybeit's just his time...oh dear..go to arizona..turn west!

  5. What a special moment. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your robin sometime, I am sure I would love them.
    What a stunning photo.


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