Friday, December 31, 2010


We are always in a dual
me and hawk
yesterday afternoon he
decided he wasn't going to budge
and I... wasn't going to let him stay
Okay, we'll see
I got my camera,
put on my coat and boots
and headed his way
We played a bit of chicken he and I
but he blinked and few away
He'll be back...he likes my yard
But my wards are safe for now
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  1. Hawks can and are mean critters. We got off easy on the weather. cold but not much more snow.

  2. Hawks in themselves are beautiful creatures but I fully understand you being guardian of all your wards.
    You say that NZ looks to be a beautiful country - and it is - but to me your world is so very beautiful. I would give anything to be able to see it. And you yourself create such joy in your garden, I love being able to see it through your eye and words.

  3. Marilyn, I got to thinking after looking at your year end boring it is here where I live...40 miles from Lake Michigan..which is beautiful...but not near woods....close by..forest preserves they call them...areas that they put aside about 50 years ago ....not real deep woods....a few creeks and ponds.Oh I do love it there..but it isn't right near me...No mountains,no hills...and the farm fields are all but gone now unless I want to take a short drive..which I do now and then...
    I live in after house..neatly placed..and shopping strips with food places and dry cleaners and pharmacies,nail salons,etc. That I guess is why I crave to have it in my own little space..nature...and she comes and for that I am so grateful
    I guess we must bring into our lives what we crave and need
    I may take a few picture of my town so can see for would be good for me to see it through a camera I think

  4. Oh that hawk, he is testing your patience. I see you have won out. I just hope he doesn't start to pick off your feathered friends and pets. It could be why he likes your domain so much...shoo him away.
    Happy New Year

  5. I am just in awe when I see a hawk; they are so big and mighty. I know...but they are beautiful. Now when you take your photos, don't forget to take your camera over to The Center. There we have all the woods and nature beauty you could want. I don't think there's another place like it.

  6. May the best man win, Suz.

    I do understand about your wards, I chase cats away and any feathered predators too but it is a world of
    'nature red in tooth and claw'. I know how hard it is to accept that.

    Happy New Year, Suz.


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