Thursday, December 9, 2010

The merriment has started
The first snow stirred the feelings
for Christmas and all its glory
A home on the inside
that from the outside looks warm
and inviting as the garden did in the summer
Let things bloom inside
in shades of reds,green,gold and silver
and leave out a tray of goodies
for our wards outside
who from our windows delight
us with their presense through
the short days and long nights ahead
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  1. Dear Suz, What a cheery poem to lift the spirits on these bitterly cold days and nights. I am delighted that your merriment has begun and long may it continue through the festive season!!!

  2. Dear Edith, let it begin
    for come january...that bitter trail of nothingness
    will be where our footsteps are seen..but for now...
    let your heart be merry
    let the adult beverages flow
    let the gifts be abundant
    may our hearts be open

  3. This is such a lovely piece, I like the idea of winter white outside and a welcome of colours in. I grew up with our sunny Christmas season but did so enjoy the few I had in the UK where all of our traditions, those brought to NZ by our northern hemisphere ancestors, made sense.

  4. That was a touching post, so merry and Christmasy. I love that your garden is as inviting now as it is in summer. You are such a wonderful steward of your wards.

  5. I love my wards..which recently includes a new stray cat...a dirty looking calico with a large gray is very frightened...
    I hope it isn't a female...His Handsomeness is around

  6. cheerful piece.
    you set our mood on Christmas time.
    well done.


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