Saturday, December 11, 2010

winter color

Winter color
that's what they call it
remains of grasses and evergreens
The only things that break up the bleakness of deep winter
We are not there yet, but I heard this morning that Minnesota has 18 inches already..we may get 6-8 inches ourselves tonight
Galena probably will get hit hard too....and we are going to miss that glorious feeling of being stranded in wonderland :(
But for now I must enjoy what is before me.
I fed the 7 squirrels that were in trees in my yard
Filled the feeders as the chicadees were complaining
and I made sure that the water was still heated in the birdbath
Oh what I do for my husband does not get it
That's why I all get it!
and I love you for it!
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  1. Dear Suz, You are so right that one has so many responsibilities outdoors [let alone indoors] at this time of year. I know that by cutting down my garden as winter begins leaves little for wildlife so one has to compensate with a mountain of bird seed, not to mention the defozen water.....!!

  2. Dear Edith, you are a dear soul to take care of your outside wards...they need the food. I cut my things back in the leave as much shelter and food remnants as I can...but that can make for a busy Spring
    6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other

  3. I love the snow landing on the grasses and plants leftover from summer too. Oh, and I have heard that too - about robins staying here. We have to find out about that!


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