Tuesday, December 14, 2010

nuthatch poem

Quick,at the feeder,pausing
upside down,in its beak
a sunfower seed held tight
to glance by chestnut,dust blue,
white, an eye-streak
Gone in a blurred ripple
straight to the cedar branch
to the trunk to a crevice
in bark and putting it
in there, quick,with the others,
Then arrowing straight back
for just one more all morning.
-David Wagoner
This poet is an observer of the nuthatch, for sure.
Their curious behavior of grabbing a seed and stashing it is amusing to watch
Do they ever eat half of them?
Nature is funny that way..others do the work sometimes
But I'm certain it's all in the great plan of order
Today I delighted in watching a nuthatch
and thought of this poem...so well described


  1. I love seeing your birds, this is such a cute wee fellow. The poem is lovely, I could picture the scene the words painted.

  2. Marilyn ,I appreciate your always coming by for a visit
    I love birds....even hawks

  3. cute cute cute..
    have a lovely Wednesday.

  4. I see a lot of nuthatch at The Center. Beautiful little acrobats.


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