Saturday, December 4, 2010

Too bad a branch suddenly let go and dumped snow
on me and my camera...clouding my lens
But Oh Joy!
I wish you could hear the honking going on above me
the Canada geese were going nuts honking and flying
it was pure JOY listening
pure joy
..I'm gettting alot of that lately
how about you?
The snow this morning was of the pretty kind
fairy land...but heavy
I was like a kid rushing out this morning to walk in it
oh Seasons...Now I remember why I like them
summer who? you see the goose in the photo!!


  1. Yep! Changing seasons are a GOOD thing!!! I can't imagine always having the same kind of weather!!

  2. Dear Suz, Yes, I totally agree about the changing seasons. How strange it would be to live in a climate which did not have these changes. There is, as you say, something totally magical about the first snowfall. In Budapest, the snow is so dry that walking through it is like crunching through mountains of washing powder whereas in England the snow all too readily turns to an unpleasant grey mush!!

  3. Your photo is fabulous and yes, I do see the lovely goose. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing your winter happen. I am loving the different season both your's and mine.

  4. You sure did catch a goose! Nice pic and glad to read you are getting in the groove of winter weather. I love it when the geese fly by, honking away, it's a wonderful sound. My dad calls them "Honker Boys." They tend to stick around here all year long.

  5. Marilyn our seasons..yes let's enjoy them together
    Goldenbird..those honkerboys were wonderfully load and lfying back and forth....fabulous hearing them

  6. You are so lucky to have gotten snow last night. No snow predicted for Grass Valley but hoping for some!!!

    I love the sound of those noisy geese. We have them in GV.

    Well, dear friend have a nice evening.

  7. Hello Suz,

    Nice to meet you. I love all the seasons because everyone gives us different joys. I love snow and I love painting snowed landscapes.
    You are a talented photographer.
    Thank you very much for stopping by my artblog and for leaving a kind comment.
    I wish you a nice Sunday and Bonjour de France to you !

    ♥ Hélène Glehen ♥

  8. Helene....hello to you
    snow is breathtaking at times
    especially when it is just falen and there is a hush everywhere... and thank you...

  9. Oh yes! Immediately saw that goose! What a great shot! Perfect. I love the sound of them too - always have to look up and smile.

  10. Your capture of the goose framed by the branches turned out to be a fantastic photo!!

  11. thanks Mel...I just kept shooting


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