Thursday, December 2, 2010

love affair with red

 You must plant it to enjoy it
and I am grateful that I did
For on days like this
those red hawthorne berries outside the window
have cheered my weary cold being
as I stir around the house
wishing and planning what I'll do
in the garden next year


  1. Those red berries certainly are cheery. Looking forward to shots of red cardinals with a snowy background.

  2. what with the hawk hanging around again...I hope he doesn't like red feathers

  3. There is nothing more vivid than the color red in winter. It may be one of my favorite colors too, as I have a couple of red jackets. I never really thought of it before but, usually I'm a beige or green person...thanks for peeking my own curiosity of color.
    Shooo hawk, shoo!


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