Sunday, December 12, 2010

gift of helping

It was so cold and windy this morning that I didn't go outside to look around. But something appeared on my deck and began sniffing around the birdseed that had dropped. Boo, my little kitty, was the first to notice this poor creature. I saw Boo's tail fluff up and saw him halloween kitty across the floor. Oh dear, I called out to my husband...there's a dog on our deck and his nose is bleeding.
We put Boo away and opened the door and the dog came right in and ate all of Boo's food. The poor thing was limping and had his tail tucked so tightly. The police came and got him and took him to the shelter to try and locate his owners...old tags around his neck.
My my you never know how your day will begin. But I am happy to have saved this pooch from further freezing.
To be able to help an animal on my birthday was quite a gift from the universe...thanks God
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  1. Suz, you are my hero. I am a sucker for any animal in distress. Thank you for saving that dog. I have been so tied up on getting windows 7 down and I still have not mastered it but I miss you all so I am going to comment on everyone's blog to let them know I am still alive even though I was locked out of my blog and all for several days.

  2. Lucy I have been wondering where you are...and how you are
    Today I wonder where this pooch is? Did he get returned to his home
    or is he sitting in the shelter all confused...but warm and fed
    It is 13 degrees out and colder last night...I'm glad he's somewhere besides outside..He went to a nokill shelter if that is where he was taken
    let's pray for the old guy

  3. Thank you for taking in that dog, feeding him and getting him help. It's no wonder he went to your house ... he probably heard all about your great big generous heart. I love the way you take care of animals.

  4. I'm not real good at reading dog body language so I had to call the animal control people....I still wonder what happened to him....but for sure he would have was 9 degrees that night


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