Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tulip poplar

I'll take it-
this little bit of color along the path
If I look up all I can see is the gray sky
not even a fluffy cloud to cheer me
The chickadees are flitting about
hiding seeds...what do they know?
A new sparrow has arrived with a gray chest
I should know his name by now..but
like latin names for plants...I care only to
know them by their beauty...for it is a fleeting moment
this joy that shoots an arrow into me
as they cross my path
Ah...the tulip poplar leaf...I remember when I saw your
first blossom this year....another moment of joy
in my Open Bar of Joy
rest my dear lady Autumn is leaving
sleep the deep sleep of winter
I will watch over you from the kitchen window
hang a feeder in your loving branches
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  1. Wisdom here, expressed with TLC in true "Garden Wench" style..
    "I care only to
    know them by their beauty".
    I guess that philosophy applies to everything in this life from colorful leaves to people. Who cares about the name tag! Beauty is beauty!

  2. We have lots of chickadees around here, too. I think they are so beautiful. Lots of mourning doves and hummingbirds, too. I've stopped trying to identify the little brown birds, too, just appreciate them without having to know their names.

  3. your words put a nice picture in my mind.

    we have tons of birds in our yard even today as the rain falls. i want to go out and give them all a little piece of warm cozy wool yarn. But i know they have some already from my little tokens to them.

    smile and enjoy the view from the kitchen window.


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