Sunday, July 22, 2012

When the little ones were here back in the spring
they planted sunflower the garden dirt that was just awakening
I thought they forgot about them
they called the other day to ask about their flowers!
Reagan's was the biggest one......of course
but Maverick, was thrilled beyond belief that his seed had really grown into a flower
he didn't care that it was smaller and bent over by a visiting animal
he kept saying to his mother....That's mine
Good thing they got me an Ipad so I could take it out to the garden
to show them their flowers....
ah....simple joy of a flower from seed
thanks kids for reminding me
I didn't show them my wasp nest
next time


  1. Nature's beauty... both the flowers and the children.
    That first photo is priceless. I love it! Talk about a picture of happiness.

  2. pure gorgeousness....all of it.
    especially the love:)

  3. Teaching them young stays in their deepest thoughts. They already are gardeners and will remain their lifetime.
    It has been so long since I've been to others gardens, I'm sorry. Reading back, I see you have had the same heat and humid air as we have. Bill waters. We thankfully, have our own deep well that supplies much needed water for the gardens. Even the seldom watered flower beds, are grateful for an occasional drink from our iron filled well...
    Stay cool and thanks for visiting when you can.
    I miss your thoughts

  4. I bet the wasp nest would have been a hit:) Cute kiddos. Now when they come back to visit:), you can dry sunflower seeds together and have them pluck the seeds out. Love these flowers. If they don't come back, those flower heads make great bird feed:)

    1. ha...the squirrels will get them first Chris
      I love them too..happy flowers

  5. Oh, those sweeties! A darling story; a darling lesson. Julie and I planted lots of zinnia and cosmos seeds in the spring for Danielle, but the baby bunnies ate them all!

    1. when I see them I remember the day we planted them
      and even remeber Dutch running through the garden screaming at him to get out :)

  6. They are so darling! And their excitement at the discovery of planting and reaping, well, priceless. the kind of lesson Grandmas are often best at teaching : ) Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    1. nothing like having grandchildren love


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