Thursday, July 5, 2012

I have broken the rules
I watered
my flowers
I hand watered
just enough to hydrate my petal pals
then I went out tonight
and watered was 104 today
It was really beautiful out tongiht in the garden
the sun sinking into the horizon
a brilliant orange
the air heavy...moist
and the aroma of it wafted around every bumble
and butterfly wing..out for that last sip
crackers anyone?
I closed my eyes and inhaled as deeply as I could
this is summer
in all its glory
hot moist quiet still and thick
But I wonder what is left to bloom?
goldenrod..aster (they are already blooming)
obedient plant,evening primrose
I'll be watching

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  1. Oh, I know Suz, summer is passing quickly but leaving behind memories of such intense heat and humidity. The fans and AC have run a winters furnace.
    With the wet heat index near 105 yesterday, no wonder the sheets never did dry.
    Stay cool and

    1. ah but in the end...summer is what we dreamed we go out and enjoy it....for soon she will take her fancy dress and skip over the horizon

  2. It looks cool and lush in your evening garden. I know it was nice. A pleasant surprise to see you the other day!

    1. was nice seeing you bawling over the movie...just like wasn't gone with the wind..but it was nice for a summer afternoon's viewing

  3. I love the way you see it all
    as art
    and love it
    as it deserves:)

    1. I often think of you surrounded by is your business isn't it? DOes it lose its wonder when it becomes your work? I hope not....I always think that I would love to work at a nursery....the sights the smells ....but my husband said I wouldn't's not a tea party he said to me it is business

  4. I have noticed that my garden is in suspended animation the last few days. The heat is intense and everything is in a holding pattern, waiting for something to change.
    Aren't you suppose to water at all? Are you being restricted? I hope that your garden doesn't suffer too much. It means so much to you.

    1. we have a water ban right was only to water in the evening...but last week it was a total ban...
      Think I would look good in handcuffs?


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