Friday, July 27, 2012


My blogger friend, Audrey Carves
passed away yesterday
She was my biggest fan
she always took the time to comment on my
magpie tales or microfiction
giving me her "reader" opinion
which I cherished.....she was a no-nonsense woman
a wood carver, a Lutheran of the once Catholic kind
the best kind of best souls
I always wanted to collect my stories for her
let her peruse them
devour them and give me wise words concerning them
But I never did and now she is gone

So what does this have to do with gardening?
Inside me is an ocean of feelings
a perfect storm kind of day
so much grief lately and more to come
but this morning I walked in the garden
letting it speak to me
Always the light
The light passing through this wild flower
comforted me
She is in heaven
in a room prepared for her

Sorry I never showed you my Large Marge stories


  1. A line of joy? Well I love your updated profile pic. Your hair is awesome. I think I was a hair stylist in another life.

    I'm bummed out by your loss. Touched that you will remember her. Had this been expected? Or was it sudden? I don't know why it makes any difference since her words will be missed on a regular basis. She touched your life and what a wonderful thing. Hang in there.

    1. Chris you have a nack for saying the right thing at the right time.....yes, it was sudden .....I really will miss her words.....and her recipes
      I loved how she loved her church and its people
      truly I did
      thanks for the comment on my new profile pic
      I love messy hair

  2. Oh Sue, that is beautiful. So special. She is smiling down on you. I wanted to write some words too, but I just don't know what to say. We weren't ready for this. We never are, are we. I will wait until after the weekend services.

  3. Oh Suz, I am sooooo sorry!!!! You have definitely had your 'share' and then some of grief and having to 'let go'. I wish I lived near you---I would come and quietly wander your gardens with you, sharing the pain and grief with you...Hugs of love,

  4. seems such a whispy vapor somedays, life.

    love to you and your missing,

    1. WOnderful people leave a void
      I only hope someday I'm one
      very wispy


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