Monday, July 2, 2012

cedar waxwing joy

I was watering my pots this afternoon
so hot outside, seemed futile
But what else can I do but give them a chance
And then I hear it....the distinct sound of a waxwing
I looked around and couldn't see one
I saw three of them right above me in the river birch tree
Oh my...what joy
I wonder if their nest was nearby...or even in my yard?
They looked down on me unafraid
the one one the right by himself screeing away
They flew over to the mystery tree.....which I think is a cherry
and plucked away at it
Mama robin was feeding her baby
on the next branch my openbarofjoy
and sharing


  1. they knew just where to find respite
    from this wicket heat
    so they found their way
    to your joy.
    clever birds:)

    1. ah so
      they are so cute huddled together on a branch


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