Thursday, July 12, 2012


I can tell by the angles... clean cut on the flower's stem
that bunny has been here
and it appears by the left flowers ...that he didn't care for the taste
of these NEW flowers in my cone flowers
oh! you nasty little rodent! I yelled into the back 40
where I know he is hiding....I heard him scamper as I approached
Don't I leave you enough things to eat....and even a water dish
and you reward me with eating my new baby petals
then I walked on and saw that so many things were wilting...
oh my...Have I been away that long
putting off watering that
it has just been that hot...too hard to keep up with
My dill is dead in the pot
my morning glories and thumbelina vines are drooping dreadfully
the lilies are gasping out their last blooms
oh dear....the garden feels just as I do
cut down, wilting and out of blooms

But the zinnias are blooming alongside the black eyed susans
oh dear that is usually a late summer bloom
oh my....they push out their blooms as the sun commands
and the heat of the ground.....bloom now is the command
Lordie, is that the lesson
Don't put off blooming...listen to your surroundings
bloom where you are when you are ready
I'm not ready
but the flowers say differently
So much on my other- than- garden life plate
But really ..if I think about it...there always is
But my relationship with my Open Bar of Joy
has been hit or miss....what with schedules, sickness,rashes
funerals,friends in need.....grief
and mother nature's blast furnace

Now that I see this...I must listen
and look in the garden today and
water....a most meditative activity if done with a hose
yes..I shall water
listen to the birds ..not too much singing lately...only cries and calls of distress
and I know the hawk is nearby
Why just the other day..saying goodbye to my dear husband in the driveway
with a hand full of plastic bags in my hand
I chased the hawk all the way down the block...scaring him with my plastic bags
The robins finally settled down...but I know he will be back
he is hungry..he needs a victim
Oh dear...another garden metaphor.....he who waits for a victim
stalks for the weak, the unprotected....yes so much of this in my life lately
Who will chase away the hawk that stalks me and mine?
My husband laughed at me running down the street with my plastic bags
....I never thought about it...I just acted
I will turn off my phone and TV and radio today
put down The Witch Of Porteblla
and go into the garden
It protects me from the hawks

oh how I love these flowers
 I will be busy getting lost in my garden today
even if I only sit there
and be embraced by its joy


  1. Enjoy your garden and I hope you find peace there today. : )

  2. I hope the garden gives you the "hug" you need. Summer is hard and, from the hawks point of view, that oasis you call your bar of joy, looks really good. That hawk is only doing what his buddha nature is telling him.
    Summer seems long this year. The watering is endless. I know. I even water after dark to keep up.
    That bunny is not welcome. He tastes but doesn't eat the cone flowers. What a rascal. Nothing eats my Coneflowers but they're up in a pot and rabbits can't reach them. The deer don't like them and they also don't touch the St.John's Wort, the rosemary and the Mexican sage. Maybe some of these would plants would be bunny proof.
    Cut back the Coneflower (it will grow back), find a chair and sit with your hose at the ready. If the hawk lands or the rabbit comes... spray them with water. Summer will leave us soon and Fall will bring less watering and coolness for everyone.
    Take care.

  3. Oh Sue, your post today is so beautiful and meaningful. I loved reading it. And yes, those little bunnies especially love the little baby greens and then they scamper away just like Peter. He's their role model and hero.

  4. soaking it up, all this delicious wisdom,
    and rattling my bags over here
    for all of us:)
    love and thanks,

    1. hee hee you made me laugh Jennifer

  5. Yes, your Summer sounds much like mine. I think I would cry if I found my double coneflower chewed in half - for some reason, the rabbits stayed away from it. But, I'm afraid it has asters yellow - and I JUST bought it last year. I've dug out half of it, and hope next year it will be better. Oh, I can not wait for NEXT year - it has to be better!!

    1. yep....when I read your post...I Im not alone

  6. So well said...Don't put off blooming...listen to your surroundings
    bloom where you are when you are ready.
    I hope you and the garden are feeling refreshed.

  7. Hey now, calm down:) It's all as it should be. Your garden actually looks pretty good, but I understand, we are all critical of our gardens. People come from all over and say....oh....look at this place. Beautiful. I come home and say, these bougainvilleas need pruning or look at that weed over there. And what are the birds doing now? And how threw that toy onto our property? Can't people pick up after themselves? Do you we have a bunch of pigs around here?

    Well those are just few of the thoughts that go through my mind:) I've kind of left our garden to mother nature this month and we've got a lot of cool visitors. It looks a bit on the wild does yours. I like that look. So you'll have hawks, jumpy robins, frogs and toads hiding, and naughty bunnies:) Oh the coneflowers....sacred to many:)

    Seriously though, the plants that start toasting in the heat, I let fry. There are several that I really love in our desert climate that I think will thrive we're you're at....Gerbera, Vinca, Pentas and Zinnias. Hardy plants with beautiful flowers that I can always trust to flourish in our hot hellish climate right now. Stay cool. Feel better. Your pictures look great. But I do agree with you....our gardens always reflect our state of being, don't they?:)

    1. I should proofread my work before sending it off:)


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