Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I should charge 5 cent a dip
I'd be rich today

It is, like most places, hotter than hell here
and the birds are using up the water in the birdbaths faster than I can refill
and they have their bills open
like a hot dog
hot for the rest of the week
glad I have shade in the garden for them
and me

My periwinkle balloon flowers are opening
my husband calls them weeds
don't look...I say
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  1. Definitely not a weed:) That's why I put a birdbath out this year because the birds need it!:) I can't believe the temps over there! Crazy. Can you believe that someone last night took our birdfeeder and spilled the seed all over our courtyard?? I am in shock today and angry that someone would do this. The offending party took the birdseed and made a seed line all the way to a person's house as a joke...which it was not. I was angry. Needless to say, the birds were everywhere today:)

    1. jerks......how sad they don't know nature and its needs
      .....but Ill bet the ground feeders were happy
      so I guess there was an upside...except now you will have to get more seed pronto...and keep the water going

  2. The birds has been flocking to my birdbath too! Re; snake and toads...you're right, I think our resident snake ate the little frog that was living in my little water feature!


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