Thursday, July 26, 2012

The babies keep
This one kept giving himself away with his squawking
I warned him about the hawk...but you know youth
they don't listen...but mama was close by with a worm in her mouth
poor worm

I think she should tell him to get a job
he's getting pretty big to be living at home

Oh the dreaded grapevine
you pull it out, it grows back
....the serpent did that to use all
or was it Eve or Adam
someone did it to us....weeds and challenges in the garden

When I prune a big branch , I try to place it in the garden for the birds to rest on
they use them a lot
I like the way they weather
And the vinca in shade and

Do you love goldfinches like I do?
This one wasn't happy about the empty feeder
or my looking on
Oh they thrill like yellow feathered butterflies

The Elderberries are hanging ripe
soon they will be descended upon
...but that will mean my birds are getting ready to fly
But I am happy to see this summer over
It has been an inferno
and I have to seek joy in even want to be out in it
early morning walks through it do it
I haven't seen a toad in quite a while,poor things
dry dry dirt

Nothing is stopping these guys though....McWaspnest Mrs goldfinch...hello...I know..the feeder is empty here too
my bad

How in the world do these roses keep blooming?
..they are called to, I guess

and wabi sabi still reigns here

It is getting harder and harder to show you new things in my garden
It is a small patch of earth
but I can tell you about how it continues to give me joy
This Open Bar of Joy
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  1. Ok, what's with the empty feeders? The Bar of Joy is not open if the peanut bowl is empty. LOL!
    You say that this is a "small patch of earth" but it looks huge to me. Your photos are lovely and those birds wouldn't come to your garden unless it was Wabi Sabi wonderful.

  2. Our baby birds just flew away yesterday. I was so glad they made it. We had to constantly save them from the cat and a 5 foot black snake! I love goldfinches! I just love it when they visit the garden in their bright yellows. I'll see them swaying on the coneflower. You're mighty brave (or crazy:)) to keep that wasp nest!

  3. Baby birds abound everywhere. They are all in their teenage years right now:) It's fun to observe in nature. Love that wasp nest. What a piece of work! In winter, you can brush it down. That is really neat. Like you, early morning walks only. Today was nice as we had a little rain over our heads. Have a good night!

  4. Nice photos Suz...Love the wasp nest in a strange kind of way...Such architects!


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