Monday, July 9, 2012

campanula americana

I put out a ground dish for the bunnies
and the robins hogged it up
so hot it has been all across America is the 80's

The volunteer ditch lillies look so nice with
the balloon flowers that we dug out of a ditch on a farm road
about 10 years ago
the periwinkle blue is perfect against the orange
I hope to get into the garden late afternoon
to weed, water, and enjoy
summer is here dressed to the nines


  1. Your garden always looks so inviting.

  2.'s the late afternoon light, Happy One, that beckons

  3. so inviting, the idea of those 80's temps
    that are promised our way
    later this evening.
    gives me hope, the cool late light of your
    open bar of joy:)

    1. oh it is Divine jennifer.....a relief......actually there is a cool breeze.....hold on it's coming

  4. Replies
    1. oh it is a pretty periwinkle blue

    2. I also like the blue and orange combo. Glad you have cooler weather.

  5. So pretty, Suz. You inspire me to buy more houseplants that flower.

    1. I do? So you want to be a wench aye?

  6. Hi wench,

    everything in your garden is lovely. If I could borrow some of that sunshine, perhaps I could persuade a few flowers to come out to play too.

  7. Good idea for the bunnies. I see them scrounging around in the fallen birdseed. I used to put one out for the doves and one with cracked corn for the ducks. Haven't done that this year, so I must. Yes, I am surprised you missed Pauline's bike. It's right on the walk up to the front door. So pretty.


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