Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I followed the bee
stuck my nose into flowers this morning
felt a few tears welling up
so joyful  for this bit of earth
that is my garden
wild like me
untamed like I'd like to be
beautiful in her gypsy way
singing like Janis Joplin  
an eclectic mix of welcome heres
bits and pieces of beauty
some planted
most just welcomed

It rained last night while I was sleeping.
I went to bed looking out my window at the clouds
wisping over the glorious crescent moon
feeling safe and loved

This morning I lingered over the raindrops
on the Solomon Seal
a welcomed adornment for the King

And the evening primrose has opened
a ditch flower of my heart

My Crown of Thorns is thriving in its pot in the garden
I tucked it in among the plants
I don't think it knows it isn't of the garden
don't tell

I love red flowers
a true wench

and I honor the flock for hanging in there
still blooming

The heart of the morning glory vine
made me smile dancing with Joe Pye Weed

ah...the mix of it all

Sometimes the garden offers up a long lost flower
like this St John's Wort
that has been absent for years...and here it is
fooling me....wanting to thrive again
boy, I get assured my friend are safe

ooo the milkweed made it....

and for the life of me..I cant think of this one's name
but it is a wild plant of the woods
and I love its tallness and purple flowers


  1. Oh so beautiful, Sue. Your words and your pictures. And is that a little collaged book you made? hehe

    p.s. check out my baby doves...

    1.'s a valentine undelivered
      and I did check them out....

  2. "...beautiful in her gypsy way
    singing like Janis Joplin"
    What a wonderful way to describe your garden.
    Lovely photos of a garden that is well loved.

    1. thanks Farmlady....I suspect a bit of gypsy in you

  3. I really enjoyed your words. Really descriptive! Witch, gypsy, mystic powers that be.....excellent. And in my solitude, I clap at the defiant return of the milkweed! The garden looks great. Hopefully more rain comes your way. Chris:)

    1. me too! It rained again last night!
      poor animals and birds....I could hardly keep the water dishes filled and feeders topped off

  4. Your garden is a joy.
    Beautiful and a great variety of different flowers.

  5. it is wonderful to read how you love your garden it makes me smile


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