Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumnal Equinox

it begins
around 9pm
autumnal equinox
And tomorrow the days
will be hasty, waning into winter
as Autumn tries to deceive us
with wonder
hoping we will not notice
that our fair Lady,Summer,
has stolen away
in the night

leaving us with surrendering leaves

and gasping flowers...having one last word to say,
leaving their last will and testament behind
for their heirs.

But she must have looked back,one last time before she
wept goodbye....and threw us a splash of color to remember her by
until next year......for she had to go

others wait for her arrival
weary of Old man Winter
and his inward ways

      so farewell grand Lady



  1. Oh this is so beautiful, your words as well as your photos. You paint such a pretty scene, and yes indeed, others wait for her arrival. We are in the midst of fierce vernal equinox weather!

  2. Oh Marilyn.....I know
    but I wish I could hang on to her hem
    and not let go....
    which I could if I wanted to travel
    hmmm...This summer was different for me
    I was in it every day....feeling joy with every breeze....Now to love Master Autumn

  3. A lovely good-bye to summer. Now, tomorrow night.....the Harvest Moon.


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