Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September asters

The wild aster
what a beauty she is
tall and stately,
with lots of blooms
that come when everything else is waning
She jumps in and steals the show
away from the goldenrod and zinnias
their chorus line girls now
Aster has top billing
in the Open Bar of Joy
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  1. Beautiful words ... thanks for letting us all partake at the open bar of joy.

  2. Wow...so yummy. Thanks for all the wonderful words you put together.

    Oh, I see our friend Goldenbird has already commented.

    Hugs, Dogwood

  3. my two favorite blogger friends!

  4. I love this glimpse into the private life of your garden.

  5. The asters are the stars of the autumn. I like your blog :o)

  6. Costea thank you...oh to be a real photographer!
    Welcome Helen..and thank you..please stay awhile
    and read some more

  7. We used to call plants like these Michaelmas daisies. My dad used to give me bunches of them to give to the teacher so I always associate them with a new school year.

  8. Acornmoon...I love that they are called Michaelmas daisies....I looked it up and sure enough they are known by that name.
    How sweet. My girlfriends and I celebrate Michaelmas day on the 29 or so of September...just because we like gettting together and celebrating...and at this time we do celebrate the shortening of days into autumn...I hope mine are still blooming by then
    oh and I think I love your dad...how sweet of a man to pick daisies for teacher

  9. I love their color. I once saw a variety without the yellow center and they were outstanding. Never found them again though. "The stars of autumn" - what a good name for them! p.s. read my comment to your comment about Brent.

  10. They are so pretty. Makes me wonder if I am ready for winter.


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