Tuesday, September 21, 2010


a cute little flower...often sold as shamrocks
This one is growing in a pot on my deck
and as I sat there just taking in the warm...almost hot, last days of summer
I felt a kinship with this plant
Just coming out of my gloom after my accident and now suffering some sort of virus
I needed the sun to shine on me
to feel its warmth on my skin
to open again
but part of me is still in a sort of darkness
and my leaves are folded shut like the Oxalis
sort of prayerlike
Both looking upward
petals seeking sun
leaves closing in darkness
both of us aware of the shortening of days
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  1. Oh so sorry to hear you are not well. Sending you lots of loving thoughts and prayers for a quick return to your bubbly self.

  2. so lovely just like you...
    i will need to read some of your old posts to see why you are not feeling well...

  3. Such a beautiful photo; I have been thinking of you after your accident so am sorry to hear that you are unwell also. Soak up the sun and let it heal you with its warmth.

  4. Just beautiful. Sorry you now have a virus after experiencing that accident. May your Open Bar of Joy heal your body and psyche.


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